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Life Sciences

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Coventry™, a brand of ITW Chemtronics®, is known globally for solving the most critical precision cleaning challenges. Coventry has a wide variety of cleanroom swabs and wipes to meet your most demanding applications. The wrapped swab, uniquely designed with no seams or edges, prevents scratching of delicate surfaces. Also included in the product line are sealed fabric, sealed foam, and static control. You’re sure to find a swab from Coventry that meets your particular need.

Coventry solvent cleaners, swelling agents, and carrier fluids are formulated and manufactured to an exacting specification to provide unparalleled performance. We have off-the-shelf products and can even engineer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

  •         Low toxicity for a worker and patient safety
  •         HAPS-free, zero VOC, zero ozone depleting and low global warming for little or no environmental impact
  •         Versatile for operational simplicity and efficiency
  •         Fast dry and highly effective
  •         Compatible with all substrates – plastics, metals, and elastomers
  •         Consistent for reliability and quality


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Coventry 12866 Removedor de líquido de corte y biocida
Para eliminar fluidos de corte, aceite de máquina y biocida de dispositivos quirúrgicos

Solvente de limpieza de precisión Coventry 12820
Solvente para aplicaciones de limpieza crítica, pruebas de limpieza y validación de sistemas de oxígeno

Solvente de limpieza de precisión Coventry™ 12805 IPA
Bajo contenido de alcohol isopropílico de alta pureza

Coventry Multi-Phase Carrier Solvent
Solvente portador que no daña la capa de ozono y agente de hinchamiento

Solvente de limpieza de precisión de acetona Coventry™ 12807
Bajo contenido de residuos y pureza de acetona

Desengrasante de vapor de precisión Coventry™ 12851
Potente solvente no inflamable para el desengrase por vapor, ultrasónico y limpieza por inmersión
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