Chemask WF – Water Filterable

Chemask WF – Water Filterable

Chemask WF – Water Filterable

Chemask® WF Solder Masking Agent is a high temperature temporary spot mask that protects component-free areas from molten solder during wave soldering. It is water soluble, designed to be removed with open and closed loop aqueous cleaning systems. Chemask® WF is low foaming and has no effect on deionized water (DI) system resin beds. This water soluble formulation is stable to rosin, organic and inorganic fluxes.

    ■ Easily removed in water cleaning cycles ■ Does not coat filtration equipment ■ Noncorrosive; safe for sensitive contacts ■ Removed with inexpensive filters, increasing the life span of activated carbon/resin beds ■ US Patent Number 6,207,265
Specifications MIL-STD-2000A, Para.5.3.18
Shelf Life 1 yr
Shipping Name Coating Compound Not Regulated
Harmonization Code 2508.4
    ■ Ideal for use with closed loop cleaning systems ■ Increases productivity by reducing cleaning system maintenance ■ Short-term high-temperature protection from molten solder to 515ºF/268ºC

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units per Case UPC Price per Case Add to Cart
CWF8 8 fl oz./ 236 ml L squeeze bottle 24 bottles 032599086196 Price: $549.56 

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