Electro-Wash Two Step

Electro-Wash Two Step

Electro-Wash Two Step

Electro-Wash® Two Step is a heavy duty, nonflammable, hot or cold immersion cleaner designed to remove everything from conformal coatings to all flux residues. Simply increase the temperature of the solution, increase the dwell time of the part being cleaned, and Electro-Wash® Two Step will remove the toughest contaminants.  Electro-Wash® Two Stepis easily rinsed away with water or solvent, wiped away or hot air dried, leaving the surface free of all residue.

    • Cleans and brightens solder joints • Removes heavy oil and dirt deposits from metal parts • Removes all types of flux residues • Miscible with water • Low odor • May be used in ultrasonic cleaner • Removes SR, UR, AR conformal coating • High flash point • Test on plastics • Increasing temperature increases solvency
Shelf Life 2 yrs After Opened
Shipping Name Cleaning Compound N.O.I
    • Removes solder pastes from stencils and screens • Removes cured conformal coatings • Removes No-Clean residues • Cleans reflow ovens

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units per Case UPC Price per Case Add to Cart
ES125A 1 gal / 3.7 L container 1 container 032599063203 Price: $157.39 

Konform UR-A
Konform UR-A
Flux-Off Aqueous
Flux-Off Aqueous

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