Flux-Off Aqueous

Flux-Off Aqueous

Flux-Off Aqueous

Flux-Off® Aqueous is an extra-strength water based cleaner for flux removal in ultrasonic cleaning as well as batch and in-line cleaning systems. It is an excellent cleaner for the removal of all rosin and no clean flux types from electronic sub-assemblies, printed circuit boards and all other electronic components. This concentrated formula can be diluted 1:10 with deionized water for handling all cleaning applications. Flux-Off® Aqueous will effectively remove other contaminants such as dirt, grease, handling soils and molding compounds.

    ■ For use with ultrasonic, batch and in-line cleaning systems ■ Quickly removes all rosin and no clean flux types ■ Removes encrusted, hard, baked fluxes ■ Powerful cleaner leaves no residue ■ Water dilutable ■ Nonabrasive and noncorrosive ■ Nonflammable ■ RoHS compliant ■ Requires a water rinse
Shelf Life 5 yrs. unopened and 2 yrs. opened
Shipping Name Cleaning Compound N.O.I
    ■ Removes all flux types; including no-clean ■ Engineered for use with immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, and in-line cleaning systems

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units per Case UPC Price per Case Add to Cart
ES132 1 gal / 3.7 L container 1 container 032599078177 Price: $49.07 

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