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Promo Give-Aways

Promo Give-Aways

This is a marketing support site for Chemtronics sales representatives. To order, select items and add to cart as you normally would in an e-commerce site. When you check out, enter the promo code that we provided you.

We reserve the right to edit or refuse and order. We'll, of course, get back to you on the reasons.

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Chemtronics Ballpoint Pen - 25/pk
Chemtronics branded ballpoint pen, with red barrel and silver imprint.

Chemtronics Can Wrap
Insulative Can Wrapper

Chemtronics Coffee Cup
16oz Chemtronics branded coffee cup.

Coventry Swab & Wipe Binder
4-panel binder that includes samples of Coventry and Chemtronics swabs & wipes.

Delta Sample Packs
Sample packs for Pow-R-Wash Delta, Electro-Wash Delta, and Flux-Off Delta