Product Specifications/Callouts

End User Part Number Product Name Callout/Spec
Ford ES1035 Flux-Off® Rosin 134352
Ford ES1530 Flux-Off® Water Soluble 038575
Ford ES1050 Freez-It® 38561
Ford All Soder-Wick® No Clean 136423
Ford ES1020 Ultrajet® 134353
General Motors ES1668 Static Free™ Plast-N-Glas® 00215538
General Motors ES1020 Ultrajet® 232653
General Motors ES1015 Ultrajet® 70 199987
IBM CS25 Chemswab™ Presaturated Swabs 19F3213
IBM CF2050 Foamtips™ Swab 55G6977
Northern Telecom/BNR ES1050 Freez-It® 272012
Northern Telecom/BNR C805 Static Free™ Hand Guard™ NA
Northern Telecom/BNR ES1664T Static Free™ Mat and Benchtop Reconditioner NA
Northern Telecom/BNR ES1020 Ultrajet® 236001
Raytheon ES1210 Electro-Wash® PX HM-0413
U. S. Government 7-5L Chem-Wik® Rosin NSN 3439-00-009-2334
U. S. Government ES710V Chrome Trigger Valve NSN 4820-01-314-3601
U. S. Government CW3500 CircuitsWorks® Conformal Coating Remover Pen NSN 6850-01-514-1372
U. S. Government CW7100 Conductive Grease NSN 9150-01-508-9999
U. S. Government CW2200MTP Conductive Pen NSN 6850-01-506-5662
U. S. Government ES1017 Duster NSN 6850-01-463-8043
U. S. Government ES1217 Duster NSN 6850-01-463-8046
U. S. Government ES7100 Electro-Wash® CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4584
U. S. Government ES7101 Electro-Wash® CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4585
U. S. Government FW2150 Electro-Wash® MX Pen NSN 6850-01-606-8548
U. S. Government ES101 Electro-Wash® NX NSN 6850-01-393-9051
U. S. Government ES1210 Electro-Wash® PX NSN 6850-01-393-9054
U. S. Government ES7200 Flux-Off® CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4578
U. S. Government ES7201 Flux-Off® CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4579
U. S. Government ES1631 Flux-Off® Heavy Duty NSN 6850-00-602-2347
U. S. Government ES1035 Flux-Off® Rosin NSN 6850-01-418-0499
U. S. Government
CF2050 Chemtronics Foamtip Swabs NSN 6515-01-594-7427
U. S. Government CF4050 Foamtips™ #140 NSN 6616-00-077-3218
U. S. Government ES1050 Freez-It® NSN 6850-01-333-1841
U. S. Government ES1550 Freez-It® NSN 6850-01-333-1841
U. S. Government ES1551 Freez-It® Antistat NSN 6850-00-142-40716
U. S. Government ES105 Isopropyl Alcohol NSN 6810-00-286-5435
U. S. Government CTAR1 Konform® AR NSN 5970-01-417-4156
U. S. Government CTAR-12 Konform® AR NSN 5970-01-417-4158
U. S. Government CTSR1 Konform® SR NSN 5970-01-417-4152
U. S. Government CTSR-12 Konform® SR NSN 5970-01-417-4152
U. S. Government CW8100 No Clean Flux Dispensing Pen NSN 6850-01-475-0987
U. S. Government ES1668 Plast-N-Glas® NSN 793-00-103-94802
U. S. Government ES7300 Pow-R-Wash™ CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4573
U. S. Government ES7301 Pow-R-Wash™ CZ NSN 6850-01-436-4575
U. S. Government ES2400 Tun-O-Wash® NSN 6850-01-224-9211
U. S. Government ES1020 Ultrajet® NSN 6850-01-412-0040
U. S. Government ES1020R Ultrajet® Refill NSN 6850-01-388-6924
U. S. Government ES1020K Ultrajet® System NSN 6850-01-381-2675
United Airlines CM8 Chemask® MAS-3000
United Airlines ES1530 Flux-Off® Water Soluble NA
United Airlines ES1050, ES1550 Freez-It® GAS3002-1SC

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