BrushClean System

This system increases cleaning efficiency in two ways – minimizing solvent usage by applying solvent only where you need it, and maximizing cleaning with the addition of mechanical scrubbing action

  • Powerful solvents with scrubbing action of a brush
  • Brush precisely applies solvent
  • For critical defluxing, use Controlwipe™ (C910) between brush and board to absorb dissolved flux residues
  • Solvent flow flushes brush clean
  • New brush supplied with every can

Three powerful tools —  one convenient package:

  1. Spot clean with the brush
  2. Flush under SMD’s with the extension tube
  3. Clean large areas with the spray nozzle

Want to learn more about the BrushClean System?

Video Tutorial - Spot Cleaning Flux Residues Using BrushClean™ System

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