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Coventry™ cleanroom swabs and applicators keep contamination out of your process, improve yield, and perform consistently, shipment to shipment. To manufacture a Coventry swab, we start with engineered clean materials. Polyester swab and wipe components are laundered first in our Class 10 (ISO Class 4) cleanroom.

Coventry’s Aqua-Prime™ process reduces particles, ionic contamination, and non-volatile residue. The Aqua-Prime™ process cleans with a purified proprietary solvent blend. Widest Selection of Critical Application Swabs. 

Coventry has a wide variety of choices to meet your most demanding applications. The wrapped swab, uniquely designed with no seams or edges, prevents scratching of delicate surfaces. Also included in the product line are sealed fabric, sealed foam, and static control.

Foamtip Swabs Chemtronics Foamtip Swabs
Highly absorbent precision foam swab with a wide variety of head sizes and shapes
Flextip Swabs flex-tips swab
Foam swabs with a flexible head for cleaning optics and small confined areas
Chamois Tip Swab Chemtronics Chamois Tip Swabs-3
Line free swabs that are ideal for cleaning audio and video heads and optical pick-ups
Microtip Swab Chemtronics Microtip Swabs-3
Precision applicator for pinpoint solvent, adhesive and lubricant application
Cottontip Swabs Chemtronics Cottontip Swabs
The economical cotton swab designed for general cleaning applications
Coventry Sealed Polyester Swabs 	Coventry Sealed Polyester Swabs
Exceptionally clean, tough and durable polyester swab
Coventry Sealed Foam Swabs Coventry Sealed Foam Swabs
Economical versatile cleanroom foam swab
Coventry ESD Static Control Swabs ESD Swabs
Swabs prevent destructive static discharge
Coventry Wrapped Foam Swabs Coventry Wrapped Foam Swabs
Durable foam-wrapped swabs designed for precise applications
Coventry Diamond Swabs
Swab designed to reduce potential for scratching delicate surfaces
Coventry Sterile Sampling Swabs 66000ST
Efficient, repeatable & more comfortable sterile sampling swabs for COVID-19, etc.
Coventry Pillow-Tip Swabs Coventry Pillow-Tip Swabs
Cleanroom washed fabric formed into unique solvent-retaining swab
Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Swabs fiber optic swabs
Ideal swabs for cleaning contamination from fiber optic sleeves, backplanes and polishing pucks


Are swabs available for cleaning static sensitive electronics?

Yes, Chemtronics offers a full line of ESD swabs. They include foam, knit polyester, or knit microfiber heads with static dissipative handles. The proprietary handle material has surface resistivity of 1.0 x 10_10 ohms/sq, and will dissipate 99% of (5 kV) charge in 0.5 seconds. This avoids static generation, and can dissipate a charge when the user is grounded.

Are Q-tips / cotton bud swabs lint free?

No, cotton bud swabs (aka Q-tips) can’t be considered lint-free. Cotton tends to lead behind threads and particulates. Open cell polyurethane foam swabs are a common, very clean replacement for cotton. If harsh solvents are being used on the swabs, or even more cleanliness is needed, knit polyester or microfiber swabs are an excellent choice.

What is a foam swab? / Why should I use a foam swab?

While cotton bud swabs (aka Q-tips) are commonly used for all kinds of precision cleaning, foam swabs are commonly used to reduce contamination from cotton threads and particulates. Foam swabs are usually made of open cell polyurethane for maximum cleanliness and absorbency. Foam swabs are usually made of open cell polyurethane for maximum cleanliness and absorbency.

What is a sterile swab?

Sterile swabs are free from bacteria or other living microorganisms. Common methods for sterilization include autoclaves, ETO (ethylene oxide gas), and Gamma irradiation. Sterile swabs are generally used for biological sample collection to avoid sample contamination, and for medical use to avoid infection.


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