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Chemask LF - Lead-Free
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Chemask LF - Lead-Free Solder Mask

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Chemask LF - Lead-Free Solder Mask

Chemask® Lead-Free Solder Masking Agent is a temporary, fast curing, peelable solder masking agent formulated for use in high-temperature lead-free applications. It is a temperature resistant coating that protects component-free areas of the PCB during wave soldering. Chemask® Lead-Free can be introduced into the preheat oven within 4 minutes of application without adverse effects. Use to protect pins, posts, contacts and edge connections during conformal coating processes.


Features & Benefits

  • Formulated for use with lead-free applications
  • Can also be used with Tin/Lead solders
  • Usable within five minutes of application with preheat cycles
  • Provides short-term high temperature protection up to 550ºF (288ºC)
  • RoHS compliant


  • Ideal for protecting contacts during lead-free soldering
Specifications MIL-STD-2000A, PARA.5.3.18
Shelf Life 2 yrs
Shipping Name Coating Compound Not Regulated

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