Flux-Off VZ
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Flux-Off VZ

Flux-Off® VZ Flux Remover is a highly effective cleaner for removing rosin-based fluxes from electronic components and assemblies. The non-ozone depleting Verizane™ solvent system utilizes Vertrel® Specialty Fluid from Dupont® to quickly removes flux without harming sensitive materials.

VERIZANE™ Cleaning Chemistry (VZ)

Chemtronics’ most economical line of ozone safe cleaning solutions. Engineered to replace HCFC-141b, these low odor, no flash, nonflammable aerosols offer the most cleaning value for your money.

So ditch the dirt — without blowing your budget!
  • Cleans R, RMA, RA, and no-clean flux
  • Xtra cleaning strength
  • Nonflammable
  • Low odor
  • Dries fast
  • Leaves no residue
  • Test on plastics
  • All-Way Spray valve - even sprays upside down


  • Removal of flux during post soldering applications
  • Cleaning of printed circuit boards, component leads, and surface mount devices/pads
  • Screens and stencils

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC Price Per Case Add to Cart
ES6200 12 oz / 340 g aerosol 12 cans 32599095884 €244.99
ES6201 1 gal / 3.7 L container 1 container 32599103220 €293.78
ES6255 53 gal / 200 L drum 1 drum 32599103305