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FOCCUS Compact Cleaning Kit

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FOCCUS Compact Cleaning Kit

FOCCUS Compact Cleaning Kit is the preferred solution for mini and in-equipment kits.  This kit is small enough to be brought to the cleaning site, and left behind for future cleaning requirements.

CCK1 FOCCUS Compact Cleaning Kit:

  • 1 SqR™ Cleaning Platform (SQR)
  • 1 Fiber-Wash™ MX Precision Cleaner Pen (FW2150)
  • 1 Reclosable package


Features & Benefits

  • Portable mini kit design
  • Can be used as an service or install kit
  • Ideal for cabinet placement


  • Small and portable enough to be used as an installation kit
  • Can be placed on site
Shelf Life See Indv. Products in Kit
Shipping Name Wipes


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1 kit,
6" x 9" X 5.5",
1.7 lb

12 kits $299.04
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