Coventry Poly-Onyx ESD Wipes
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Coventry Poly Double-Onyx ESD Wipes

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Coventry Poly Double-Onyx ESD Wipes

Poly Double-Onyx™ ESD Wipes are made from 2nd generation black no-run monofilament polyester knit, providing excellent strength, absorbency and chemical compatibility. These wipers are perfect for general cleanroom and equipment maintenance, or any critical applications where lint is not tolerated. The black color makes them uniquely valuable as inspection wipes for light colored soils and dust. The conductive carbon filaments are knitted into both sides of the wipes and twice as densely packed as other ESD wipes, for maximum continuity to ground in the 107-109 range.

Whitepaper: Learn more about the benefits of using black clean room inspection wipes

Features & Benefits

  • Class 100 – 1000 (ISO 5-6) black, laser-sealed edge polyester wipe
  • Static dissipative within 107-109 range for S20.20 compliance
  • Conductive material is double-sided and double-density for maximum continuity to ground
  • High durability for cleaning rough, abrasive, or irregular surfaces
  • Monofilament "no-run" construction does not release loose fibers
  • Excellent solvent and acid resistance
  • Low ionic, nonvolatile residue and particle contamination
  • Good absorbency


  • Semiconductor Wafer Fabs
  • Aerospace Production Areas
  • Disk Drives Production Areas
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotechnical Production Areas
  • General Clean room Cleaning
  • Dust and Make-up Detection / Inspection
  • Clean static sensitive surfaces

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150 wipes per bag,
9"x9" (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm)

10 bags $1,136.62
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What type of wipe is best for cleanrooms?

Cleanroom wipes used for critical applications are almost always knitted synthetic fibers. Knitted polyester fabric, like used for Coventry Poly-Wipes (part #6209), is the most popular wipe material for cleanrooms. Knitted polyester is made clean, contaminants can easily be removed from knitted polyester in a cleanroom laundry, and polyester is relatively inexpensive. Non-woven wipes do not offer the advantage of ease in cleaning as their composition causes them to disintegrate in a cleanroom washing machine or cleanroom drier. 


How Coventry Wipes Reduced Contamination in a Medical Device Manufacturing Process by 90%

How Coventry Wipes Reduced Contamination in a Medical Device Manufacturing Process by 90%

Contamination is an important issue in cleanroom environments. Read this post to see how our Coventry wipes decreased contamination in a medical device manufacturing process.
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Using Black Polyester Cleanroom Wipes: Is It Really Clean?

Using Black Polyester Cleanroom Wipes: Is It Really Clean?

Since most wipes are white (a sign of cleanliness perhaps) black or darkly color soils are easily seen. However, many contaminants are not dark colored. Instead they are white or light colored. Since they are the same color as the wipe, visually inspecting the used wipe is not completely useful. Thi...
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