New Products

Chemask Aqua -  Water Removable

The high temperature, water soluble, temporary mask safe for use on component-free areas

Chemask HT - High Temperature

The high temperature, peelable, temporary mask safe for use on sensitive metals

Electro-Wash Delta

The extra-strength, nonflammable electronics cleaner degreaser

Electro-Wash QD

Fast evaporating, nonflammable, nonchlorinated electronics cleaner degreaser

FirstTime Cleaning Kit

The fiber optic cleaning kit for cleaning connectors the first time, every time

Flux-Off Delta

The extra strength, nonflammable solvent that removes heavy and encrusted flux deposits. 

FOCCUS CCT Clear Connection Tool

Easy to use tool for fast and effective end-face cleaning of fiber connectors

Konform Flexcoat 

The exceptionally flexible, silicone free conformal coating engineered for superior vibrational protection

Konform UR-A

The water-based urethane conformal coating formulated for superior durability and moisture protection

Pow-R-Wash Delta

The nonflammable, contact cleaner safe for use on powered-up contacts and surrounding plastics