Flux-Off Delta
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Flux-Off Delta

Flux-Off® Delta™ Flux Remover is an extra strength nonflammable solvent that removes heavy and encrusted flux deposits. Penetrates residues quickly to remove all types of flux, production contaminants, dust, and oil, then evaporates quickly leaving no residues.

Flux-Off® Delta Flux Remover has been engineered with Delta chemistry - new powerful  precision cleaning solutions that are ideal replacements for AK225 and other chemicals. New environmental restrictions have forced facilities to search for and evaluate new cleaning products. With Chemtronics Delta Precision Solvent Cleaners, change is good… really good!
  • Powerful cleaner removes R, RA, RMA, and synthetic fluxes
  • Removes white residues
  • Nonflammable and fast drying
  • Non-corrosive, safe for metals
  • No ozone depleting compounds, low VOC and GWP
  • Available with BrushClean™ System


  • Removes rosin-based and synthetic no-clean fluxes
  • Removes white-residue formation
  • Can be used in ultrasonic or immersion bath
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Boiling Point

       98.6°F Initial

Evaporation Rate                             >1
(butyl acetate=1)

Flash Point (TCC)                            None

Vapor Pressure @68°F                   205 mm Hg

(KB) Number


Surface Tension                              19
(dynes/cm @ 73°F)

VOC* Content:                          Aerosol          Liquid

     CARB                                      75%             100 %

     SCAQMD                                484 g/L          645 g/L

     Federal                                    39%              52 %

Shelflife                         Aerosols & Liquids:   
                                     5 years, and 2 years after opening

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC Price Per Case Add to Cart
DEL1692 12 oz / 340 g aerosol 12 cans 32599145190
DEL892B 6 oz / 170 g BrushClean™ System 12 cans 32599145213
DEL192 1 gal / 3.7 L liquid 1 container 32599145237
DEL5592 53 gal / 200 L drum 32599145251
DEL592 5 gal (18.5 liters) pail 32599145244