Chemtronics Twillwipes
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Chemtronics Twillwipes

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Chemtronics Twillwipes

Twillwipes™ are made of 100% cotton twill fabric, cut on the bias to prevent fraying. These wipers have excellent absorbency, as well as high strength, especially when wet with water. Twillwipes™ are ideal for high temperature applications that would melt most other wipes.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong, textured 100% cotton
  • Minimal linting
  • Resistant to caustic solvents and temperatures up to 302°F/150°C
  • For cleaning magnetic tape heads and transport mechanisms, contact, connectors and other electronics components


  • Clean Water Processing Areas
  • Clean-up Bases and other Chemical spills
  • Wipe Down Machinery and Instrumentation
  • Clean Photo-Mask Areas
  • Wipe High temperature Equipment
Shelf Life 5 yrs.
Shipping Name Wipes


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150 wipes per bag,
9"x9" (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm)

6 bags $655.32
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