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Static Free Hand Guard

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Static Free Hand Guard

Static Free™ Hand Guard™ penetrates deeply to moisten and refresh dry, irritated skin exposed to heat, abrasives, or harsh chemicals.  Static Free™ Hand Guard™ is specially formulated for electronic technicians to use as a non-contaminating hand and body lotion.  It reduces static build-up on hands while preventing harmful electrostatic discharge during the handling of sensitive devices. Static Free™ Hand Guard™ quickly soothes and protects tender, chapped or irritated skin without the use of lanolin, silicone, or mineral oils that may inhibit solderability of printed circuits and components.

Features & Benefits

  • Special formulation minimizes potential for static damage
  • Penetrates deeply to moisten and refresh dry, chapped or chemically irritated skin
  • Non-greasy formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Contains no lanolin, silicone or mineral oil that could inhibit solderability of printed circuits or components


  • Protecting and rejuvenating hands from harsh environmental stress
  • Protecting circuits from destructive electrostatic discharge
Specifications IPC-ESD-20-20, MIL-STD-1686C,MIL-HDBK-263B
Shelf Life 5 yrs.
Shipping Name Cleaning Compound N.O.I

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8 fl oz / 236 ml liquid pump bottle

12 bottles $125.64
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