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CircuitWorks The Mighty Pen
Powerful universal cleaning pen

Coventry Multi-Phase Carrier Solvent
Non ozone depleting carrier solvent and swelling agent

Freeze-It Antistatic Freeze Spray
High-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray that safely cools individual static-sensitive components

Konform® SR-X950 Silicone Conformal Coating - High Viscosity
One-part, clear conformal coating with moisture, corrosion and abrasion resistance

Soder-Wick No Clean Desoldering Braid
Cleanest, leaving behind no ionic r esidue, with no clean flux coated desoldering braid - No Clean uses pure, oxygen free copper braid and a patented flux technology to make an efficient and effective desoldering braid.

Ultrajet All-Way
Invertable duster with the BIGGEST blast to clean anything fast- This compressed gas duster can be sprayed right-side up and upside down emitting a high pressure blast that cleans electronics without scratching delicate surfaces.
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