Chemtronics Micropoint Cottontip Swabs
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Chemtronics Micropoint Cottontip Swabs

The Cottontips™ MicroPoint Swab consists of cotton fibers which are tightly wrapped around a handle. The handle of this swab is made from a special, clean room grade composite material. Because of the tightly wrapped head, there is very little linting. These swabs have excellent absorbency, as well as high strength especially when saturated with water. This swab is designed for cleaning applications where absorbency is critical.
  • Tightly wrapped cotton head construction
  • Small size for delicate precision cleaning
  • Extremely low linting
  • High absorbency capacity and rate
  • Good solvent compatibility
  • Sharp point
  • Non-static generating


  • Cleaning surfaces, removing flux residues, removing contaminants
  • Applying oils, adhesives, fluxes and lubricants
Shelf Life 10 yrs.
Shipping Name Swabs
Swab Length Head
CCT2425 3.0"
(7.5 cm)
Cotton 0.12" x 0.47"
(3.0 mm x 12 mm)
Composite 0.06" x 0.06"
(1.5 mm x 1.5 mm)

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC Price Per Case Add to Cart
CCT2425 25 swabs per bag 200 bags 32599104609 €287.06