Chemtronics Super Flextip Swabs
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Chemtronics Super Flextip Swabs

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Chemtronics Super Flextip Swabs

Super Flextips™ and Super Flextips™ Mini Swabs are constructed from medical grade, 100 ppi, polyurethane foam which features fine cell structure, providing excellent particle entrapment characteristics. The foam is thermally bonded to the nylon paddle and the polypropylene swab handle without using adhesives. The tough nylon paddle is very flexible and virtually unbreakable. These swabs are ideal for general cleaning applications. The closed cell foam results in a stronger head more capable of enduring rougher use.



Features & Benefits

  • Extra durability
  • Nonabrasive
  • Provides gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces
  • 100 ppi closed cell foam head
  • Made without adhesives or glue


  • Clean excess adhesives after gluing
  • Clean micro-mechanical devices
  • Maintain and service electronic equipment, optical drives, PC's, printers and copiers
  • Remove Flux residues from printed circuit boards
  • Apply small precise quantities of adhesive or lubricants

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50 Super Flextips™ swabs per bag

24 bags $1,100.64

50 Super Flextips™ Mini swabs per bag

24 bags $1,052.16
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What is a foam swab? / Why should I use a foam swab?

While cotton bud swabs (aka Q-tips) are commonly used for all kinds of precision cleaning, foam swabs are commonly used to reduce contamination from cotton threads and particulates. Foam swabs are usually made of open cell polyurethane for maximum cleanliness and absorbency. Foam swabs are usually made of open cell polyurethane for maximum cleanliness and absorbency.


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