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Coventry™ 12803 Heptane Precision Swelling and Cleaning Solvent

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Coventry™ 12803 Heptane Precision Swelling and Cleaning Solvent

Coventry™ Heptane Solvent is a highly purified grade of n-heptane, providing the cleanest chemical grade available. This high-purity solvent was developed to swell silicone and urethane elastomers and tubing for fitment onto components, and then evaporate allowing the tubing to shrink back to its original dimensions. It is also used as a silicone lubricant carrier fluid for devices. Coventry Heptane Precision Cleaning Solvent is engineered to offer a low residue, high purity grade of solvent excelling in operations that require high solvency and very low residue. Heptane is not water-soluble, colorless and volatile liquid with a hydrocarbon odor.

Coventry Heptane Precision Cleaning Solvent is used to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces within critical environments:
• Swelling elastomers
• Carrier fluid for depositing silicone lubricants
• Cleaning
• Extraction
• Drying agent

Features & Benefits

  • Exceeds reagent grade purity
  • Swelling of platinum and peroxide cured silicone
  • Deposition of silicone lubricants
  • Cleaning solvent for critical cleaning applications
  • Removes greases and waxes from hard impervious surfaces
  • Low surface tension
  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residues, minimizes process time
  • No ozone depleting chemicals

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How do I figure out the shelf life of a product?

The shelf life of a product can be found on either the technical data sheet (TDS), available on the product page, or by looking on the certificate on conformance (COC). The COC can be downloaded by going to https://www.chemtronics.com/coc. Once you have the shelf life, you will need to add it to the manufacture date for a use-by date. The manufacture date can be identified by the batch number. The batch code used on most of our products are manufacture dates in the Julian Date format. The format is YYDDD, where YY = year, DDD = day. For example, 19200 translates to the 200th day of 2019, or July 19, 2019. This webpage explains and provides charts to help interpret our batch numbers: https://www.chemtronics.com/batch-codes.


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