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Coventry™ 12807 Acetone Precision Cleaning Solvent

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Coventry™ 12807 Acetone Precision Cleaning Solvent

Coventry™ Acetone Solvent is a highly processed and filtered grade of acetone. Specifically engineered to create a low residue, high purity grade of solvent, this material excels in operations that require high solvency and very low residue. Acetone is a water-miscible, colorless and volatile liquid with a strong pungent.

Coventry Acetone is used to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces within critical environments:
• Cleaning
• Coupling agent
• Pharmaceutical
• Extraction
• Drying agent


  • Quickly removes greases and waxes from hard impervious surfaces 
  • Low surface tension 
  • Low toxicity 
  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residues, minimizes process time
  • Zero VOC and no ozone depleting chemicals

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1 gal / 3.8L
Minimum order - 10 units

1 gallon per case
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