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Connecting At The Speed Of Light™

A high quality fiber optic installation starts with the connectors. Clean connections give you faster transmission rates, higher bandwidth and maintenance-free operation. FOCCUS™ brand products from Chemtronics give you the tools you need to quickly clean connectors and ports. Patented technology and proprietary Combination Cleaning™ process give you clean connections the first time, every time.

  • Fast, reliable & repeatable - save time and money!
  • Eliminate all debris and contamination
  • Reduce reflectance
  • Increase transmission rates
  • Avoid expensive truck-rolls from bad connections
  • Clean all connector types
  • Clean jumpers instead of replacing
  • Exceeds IEC 61300-3-35, IEC TR62627-01, and meets Telcordia GR-2923-CORE and SAE Aerospace AIR6031

Clean First Time... Every Time!

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Nonflammable, fast drying fiber optic cleaner

  • Specifically formulated for cleaning all fiber optic connectors
  • Removes handling soils, dust, oils and airborne contamination
  • Effective for the widest range of contaminants
  • Nonflammable and low odor
  • Residue free, fast evaporating and low VOC
  • Portable and easily transportable
  • Cleans alone, with the QbE® Cleaning Platform, or with the CCT™ Clear Connection Tool


For Fast, Effective Fiber Connector End-Face Cleaning

  • Cleans connectors on back plane and on jumpers
  • Uses Combination Cleaning™ process for first time cleaning, every time
  • Effective for the widest range of contaminants
  • Easy to use for quick and reliable cleaning
  • Rugged and durable, great for all work sites
  • Cleans UPC and APC connectors
  • Up to 800 cleanings per kit -- 33% more than other tools!

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Combination Cleaning™ - Clean First Time... Every Time

FOCCUS products are designed for optimal cleaning of connectors using Combination Cleaning process. The end face is passed through a lightly moistened spot on the lint-free wiper, then drawn into the dry area. The large cleaning platform assures the proper angle for UPC and APC connectors.

Combination Cleaning gives you 1st time cleaning for all common connector soils:

  • Finger oils
  • Mineral oils and grease
  • Gels & pulling lubricants
  • Dust, dirt & carbon
  • Water & salt residue
    & more

Combination Cleaning is industry proven, exceeding IEC 61300-3-35, IEC TR62627-01, and meeting Telcordia GR-2923-CORE and SAE Aerospace AIR6031.

Dry media can smear oils, not fully remove dry particulates, and can create a static field that attracts and holds onto additional debris. Wet cleaning can oversaturate connectors, drawing up contamination from around the ferrule as shown in IEC 61300-3-35. The result is unreliable cleaning processes that work on some, but not all soils. Without Combination Cleaning, additional cleaning passes, replacement jumpers or connectors may be required.

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Chemtronics offers certification training for the Combination Cleaning process, teaching the right process with the right products. Call 1-800-646-5244 x140 to schedule your hands-on training with our technical experts!

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