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Is there a pen available to repair PCB markings or cover components for security reasons?

Black (CW3300BLACK) and White (CW3300WHITE) are also available to repair PCB markings or cover component identification for security or IP protection.
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How do I repair solder resist when the specific color isn’t available?

CircuitWorks Clear Overcoat Pen (part #CW3300C) is available to patch areas on more unusually colored resist coating (e.g. brown, purple, etc.).
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Can CircuitWorks Epoxy Overcoat withstand soldering temperature?

Yes. When soldering is required after the repair has been done, Chemtronics offers CircuitWorks Epoxy Overcoat (CW2500). It is a permanent green coating formulated to protect circuit traces before being exposed to reflow conditions. Epoxy Overcoat...
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Can CircuitWorks Overcoat Pens withstand soldering temperatures?

No. CircuitWorks Overcoat Pens should be the final step in processing the board. The Overcoat material is a modified acrylic conformal coating not an epoxy resist material, so it does not have the same properties of durability and permanence...
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Solder Resist Repairs Using CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen and Epoxy

Board manufacturers, wishing to improve the appearance of the boards, need a material that can easily repair any chips or scratches in the permanent resist coating, improving the appearance of the finished board. Chemtronics offers two solutions:...
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Essential Guide to Cable Cleaning

Running cable can be a messy business, so cleaning is an important consideration for both high voltage and communication cable installations. When the failure point can be in a wall, underground, or hundreds of feet underwater, a high quality...
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Desoldering Wick Application Guide

Solder wick, desoldering braid, or just “wick” are all names for a copper braid that is used to absorb solder. It is generally coated with flux, so when heated, solder is melted, drawn up, and retained using a combination of wetting...
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Video Demo: Coventry Medical Flexible Tubing Swelling Agents

Hi I’m Mark Quigley, Life Sciences Market Manager for Coventry. Coventry is a brand of Chemtronics, with clean room precision solvents, wipes, and swabs for both sterile and non-sterile applications. Coventry products are commonly used...
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Alcohol Wipes for Both Everyday Cleaning and Critical Applications

For many organizations, presaturated wipes are the ideal mix of form and function. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipes are commonly used for degreasing, cleaning off fingerprints, removing flux residues, and even disinfecting hard surfaces. Alcohol...
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Webinar: Experts' Guide to Vapor Degreasing

Speakers: Pierce Pillon – Senior Field Engineer, ITW Contamination Control Electronics Kevin Pawlowski – Application Specialist, ITW Contamination Control Electronics Patrick Oliver – Sales Manager, Baron Blakeslee Table...
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Flux-Off Delta

Extra strength, nonflammable solvent that removes heavy and encrusted flux deposits

Coventry Poly Double-Onyx ESD Wipes

ESD safe, black polyester monofilament wipe
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