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Is This the End of the “Forever Chemicals” Era?

About 70 years ago, a new class of chemicals were invented that improved everyday products used at home and outdoors, but in time we learned they can be bad for us and can last nearly forever. PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances),...
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What is the difference between Soder-Wick No Clean and Soder-Wick Lead-Free, since they both are coated with no-clean flux?

The construction of the braid is the biggest difference. Most wick, including Soder-Wick No Clean, is a flattened tube of braided copper. This works well to pick up as much solder as possible for the given length of the wick. For Solder-Wick...
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Chemtronics In-House Cleaning, Coating, and Analytics Lab

Customers can optimize their processes utilizing Chemtronics’ expertise and facility which offers state-of-the-art cleaning, coating and analytical services. Using batch, ultrasonic and vapor-degreasing systems, Chemtronics can duplicate...
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Guide to Defibrillator Maintenance

Defibrillators are medical devices that help revive a patient. It releases a large electric shock to bring back the normal rhythm of the heart. It is commonly used on any patient suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. There are two types of defibrillators,...
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Guide to Maintenance of Medical Monitoring Devices

Patient monitors provide real-time monitoring of patient vital signs and often include warning systems when values deviate from set parameters, indicating a patient has taken a turn for the worse. A patient monitor can track the heart rhythm...
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Guide to Maintenance of Ventilation and Anesthesia Equipment

There are different ventilation machines. We have anesthesia machines, mechanical ventilators, nebulizers, and oxygen concentrators. Anesthesia machines are mainly used during operations while ventilators are mainly used to help patients maintain...
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Guide to Medical Imaging Maintenance

Medical imaging is one of the most common diagnostic processes. This involves computed tomography (CT) scanning, x-ray, and ultrasound. The most popular imaging device is the X-ray machine. X-ray equipment needs to be maintained regularly by...
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Ultrasonic Cleaning of 3D-Printed Complex Lattices

If you're reading this, you probably are already familiar with lattices in 3D printing, they're the meat of many parts used in the manufacturing process. A lattice structure is nothing but a repeating pattern, either following a 2D or 3D structure....
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Why is there an shelf life for unopened containers but not opened containers?

Let’s start with what happens when some solvents are out-of-date. Solvents containing alcohol are hydroscopic, so absorb moisture from the air. What starts as 0.2% moisture could drift up to an unacceptable purity level, as it is exposed...
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Is there a way to dissolve or wash off pieces of peelable solder mask?

Sorry, the best method is with tweezers or a brush. Peelable solder mask will not readily dissolve in cleaning solvents.
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FOCCUS CCT Clear Connection Tool

Easy to use tool for fast and effective end-face cleaning of fiber connectors

Electro-Wash QD Degreaser

Fast drying, nonflammable electronics cleaner degreaser
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