Pow-R-Wash Delta
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Pow-R-Wash Delta

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Pow-R-Wash Delta

Pow-R-Wash™ Delta electronics contact cleaner is a highly effective solvent cleaner for electrical and electronic components and assemblies. Nonflammable, and compatible with most metals and plastics found in electronic assemblies, it is safe on energized equipment, fast drying and has excellent solvency for oil, grease, dirt.

Contact cleaners restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts by penetrating and removing insulating oil & grease, conductive carbon soil, and isolative oxides from contact surfaces. By restoring full circuit continuity, Chemtronics contact cleaners improve the performance of electronic equipment that relies on electrical contacts.


Features & Benefits

  • Nonflammable and fast drying
  • Best AK225 replacement chemistry
  • Fast drying
  • Dielectric breakdown 30 kV
  • May be used on energized equipment
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Displaces moisture and leaves no residues
  • No ozone depleting compounds, low VOC and GWP


  • Removes carbon dust from circuit breakers
  • Cleans oxidized oil from contacts
  • Ideal for cleaning electrical motor assemblies

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12 oz / 340 g aerosol

12 cans €311.32
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