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Case Studies on The Negative Health Effects of 1-Bromopropane (1-BP, nPB, n-Propyl Bromide)

Recently, U.S governmental agencies along with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have filed allegations regarding the adverse human effects from the common solvent and degreaser 1-Bromopropane (1-BP). In August 2020, the United States Environmental...
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Railway Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Systems in Trains

Being environmentally friendly, electrical railways have replaced conventional diesel trains in most developed countries. Electric trains emit 20-35% less carbon than diesel trains. In the United States, railways deliver five million tons of...
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How to Identify and Solve Thermal Stress Issues in Solder Joints

Modern electronics assemblies are more often exposed to hard temperature conditions e.g., power supplies in airborne radars. Repeated thermal cycling induce thermal contractions and expansions in these electronics assemblies including the substrate...
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Webinar: Optimizing Selective Spray Conformal Coating for Maximum Output

Speakers: Pierce Pillon – Senior Field Engineer, ITW Contamination Control Electronics Kevin Pawlowski – Application Specialist, ITW Contamination Control Electronics Jon Urquhart - Director - Global Applications Engineering,...
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Essential Guide to Flux for Soldering Electronics

When joining two metals in a soldering process, like used in PCB assembly, flux is required to achieve a true metallurgic bond. That ensures the solder joint doesn’t crack or come loose even with the day-to-day wear-and-tear. This article...
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Tutorial: Keeping Safe When Using Industrial Solvents

I’m going to discuss toxicity issues with some classes of solvent cleaners, and how you can make the best decisions to keep your workers safe and healthy. There is increased interest in this topic because of the EPA’s recent statement...
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Screen Printing Chemtronics Temporary Solder Masks

Chemtronics Chemask temporary spot solder masks are usually applied by hand in benchtop masking operations. For large scale production operations, Chemask WF Water-Filterable Mask (part #CWF8) can be screen printed over large areas of the circuit...
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Solder Resist Repairs Using CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen and Epoxy

Board manufacturers, wishing to improve the appearance of the boards, need a material that can easily repair any chips or scratches in the permanent resist coating, improving the appearance of the finished board. Chemtronics offers two solutions:...
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Essential Guide to Cable Cleaning

Running cable can be a messy business, so cleaning is an important consideration for both high voltage and communication cable installations. When the failure point can be in a wall, underground, or hundreds of feet underwater, a high quality...
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Desoldering Wick Application Guide

Solder wick, desoldering braid, or just “wick” are all names for a copper braid that is used to absorb solder. It is generally coated with flux, so when heated, solder is melted, drawn up, and retained using a combination of wetting...
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Flux-Off Delta

Extra strength, nonflammable solvent that removes heavy and encrusted flux deposits

Electro-Wash Delta Cleaner Degreaser

Extra-strength, nonflammable electronic cleaner and degreaser
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