Conductive Inks and Epoxies

Conductive Inks and Epoxies

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CircuitWorks® brand’s comprehensive line of conveniently packaged and precision dispensing rework and repair products makes circuit board repair and prototyping faster, easier and more accurate. Advanced-formula materials packaged in unique delivery systems ensure superior performance and pinpoint accuracy. The full range of products meets all of the technicians needs for electronics rework and prototyping — repairing, cleaning, protecting, lubricating, bonding, and restoring electrical conductivity to circuit boards and components.

CircuitWorks® Products are compliant with IPC-7711 Rework of Electronic Assemblies, and ANSI/J-STD-001.

All CircuitWorks® branded products are available on folded blister cards complete with multi-lingual instructions and regulatory information.

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CircuitWorks® Conductive Pen
Lapicero para dibujar trazos de plata altamente conductivos, puentes y blindaje con precisión y control: los lapiceros conductores CircuitWorks® hacen trazos de plata altamente conductivos instantáneos en las placas de circuitos y se usan en creación de prototipos, retoques y reparaciones de placas de circuitos, uniendo componentes, reparando trazos defectuosos, haciendo jumpers (puentes) lisos.

CircuitWorks® Flex Conductive Pen
Lápiz con micropunta para dibujar trazos conductores en superficies flexibles y de ITO (óxido de estaño e indio)

CircuitWorks® Nickel Conductive Pen
Lápiz dosificador para dibujar económicamente rastros conductores, puentes y blindajes

Kit de reparación de teclados de goma CircuitWorks
Kit de tamaño conveniente para la reparación permanente de teclados de goma

CircuitWorks® Conductive Epoxy
eEpoxi convenientemente empaquetado para reparaciones de precisión y unión conductiva de gran resistencia